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Mastering Your Mindset, Motivation and Momentum (for Manifestation)

A part of what I do is based on personal development. Yes, I am a brand and marketing consultant, so for me, being at your best is what helps to make you successful as a person professionally and personally.

I practice and extoll my 3 M’s to myself and my clients in order to help them understand why this matters to them as a business and as a person. Mindset, Motivation and Momentum, which in turn should help master the 4th M which is Manifestation.

We are living in an age of a wider sense of awareness and new age spiritual development. For more than a decade now, we have been provided with the tools and information such as, events, books and videos from motivational speakers who want to help us work out how to get the most out of our life experience.

There are several view points and explanations for how our mind ultimately controls our destiny because we are life experience creators of the world we see around us.

This is something I have been practicing for many years myself – the law of attraction! Whilst I cannot say I have quite mastered it fully because I find some things conflicting as I’m sure you do, I can say that I understand and appreciate the power of my mind and how it can work for me and against me!

Vibrational Alignment

Ok, so what does that mean? To put it simply, if everything is made up of energy, including those things that we desire, we need to be on the same wavelength to receive those things.

The bible says, ask and ye shall receive. The laws of the ‘Universe’ says pretty much the same thing. So technically, if you’ve asked you have already received – your spiritual self has received that is. More money, the big mansion, the fleet of sports cars, luxury holidays, private jet, a successful and thriving business, the perfect job, the perfect husband, wife, kids? We desire these things because we believe that they will make us feel happy, complete, fill us with excitement, be free to live the amazing life we see for ourselves.

How do I get those desires into my physical human possession? Think about that statement above? Your spiritual self is already enjoying the life you desire? Close your eyes and see your spiritual self enjoying those things! The only reason you aren’t is because you are out of sync with your happy, excited, free spirit, who is happy, excited and free in every moment of every day.

It makes sense to me that to receive what I desire; my vibrational energy must match my desires. It doesn’t make sense that I can be miserable, angry, upset and still receive those amazing things that I want to experience.

But how do you wake up every morning and feel happy, excited, free? Therein lies the blessing and the curse? Your own feelings – your vibrational alignment!

We are told to visualise, to create a vision board, a mind movie of all these desires! Get into the Vortex says Abraham Hicks! Be grateful, thankful, appreciative. Follow what all successful people do, meditate for half an hour 3 times a day, exercise, eat healthy, work hard, focus, focus, focus!

I have had times when this has worked for me and it has been because my thoughts and feelings at the time were positive, I wasn’t worried or concerned about how things would work out, I just knew they would. If you think about it, you probably can find examples of when this has happened for you too.

However, it’s the maintenance of this mindset that has set me back in the past! Things aren’t always great and you will wake up unhappy sometimes…and that’s ok – just don’t stay in that space!

From everything I have read and listened to, the thing I desire the most is for the attraction and manifestation to be simple!

Most of the time it seems complex – you have to do this, you have to do that, you must not say this word, you must think this way! Ok, my head hurts now and I probably sound like I don’t believe, but I do, I just wanted it to be clear and simple to implement as I’m sure you do. Thinking that I have to work hard to achieve what I want doesn’t make me feel good! Who wants to work hard?

Learning how to control your mindset and use to it work with you instead of against you means creating your own formula – one that works for you. Listen to other self-development experts and take the parts that you feel right to you, put your own feelings first. You must own it and allow nothing to sway you from it.

The simplicity for me my focus is being conscious of my feelings and the formula I use is the 3 M’s! The fourth M is the result of following the other three.

It all starts with my mindset and maintaining a positive vibrational energy. Finding things that motivate me every day to feel excited and happy about the fact that there are opportunities which will present themselves to me every day. Finally keeping myself in that motivated momentum and aligning myself to receiving what I have asked for, manifesting my desires into my human realm of reality.

I have a strong desire that I am going to receive (it’s a big one – one that you could arguably say is a billion to one chance…impossible even if you are a non-believer). I am maintaining the mindset and momentum I need to manifest it by focusing on a specific picture that I have created in my mind which makes me feel excited and happy. I consciously wake up every day and visualise that image and how it makes me feel and do so at various points throughout the day. Inevitably I know I will manifest it because I trust God, I trust and believe in myself and it costs me nothing to do this.

Find the formula that works for you – feel good about yourself and the power you have within you to receive what you desire, then watch in amazement as it all falls into place.

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