The reason people work with me is because I care about what matters to them. I'm honest, open and genuine in my approach and I don't try to force people down a route that's not right for them. Success is relative to the energy we put into our determination to be successful

Dionne P Smith, Founder & Director

DPS Brand Consultancy Ltd

Certified Life, Success & CBT Coach


As a personal coach and business brand consultant, I work with new entrepreneurs and established businesses, to help them learn how to develop themselves, their business and their team into an authentic, influential and powerful brand.

Creating a successful brand takes time, but the benefits you and your business receive definitely make the focus and investment you need to get there worthwhile.

The most important thing is to start from the inside and work outwards. Stay focused on your mission, vision and your values and use them as your foundation to build a consistent, strong and trusted business that always strives to deliver on its brand promise.


Having worked for over 25 years in the public and private sector, my experience has taught me that in order to create a successful brand, you need to invest in yourself (and your team) as well as your business.

It's also been a personal journey of discovery for me and it hasn't been without it's challenges in pursuit of learning more about myself and having the self-confidence to value myself and everything I have learned. I now use my skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil my passion of helping others to do the same.

The reason people work with me is because I care about what matters to them. I'm honest, open and genuine in my approach and I don't try to force people down a route that's not right for them. Your success is relative to you and the determination your have to be successful.


Investing the time to get the support and guidance you need so that you feel empowered to take control of your journey and use your knowledge, skills, talent and experience to make your unique and authentic impact is what I will do for you. 

Technically, it's all about you and your business!
Mission - to serve service-based entrepreneurs and business owners by motivating, inspiring and empowering them to realise their true value and have absolute confidence in themselves and their business. Delivering high quality professional coaching and consultancy services as well as tangible marketing solutions to create and maintain a successful business.
Vision - to impact and inspire you and your team to be the best you can be by continuing to develop our proposition through our online training and bespoke coaching and consultancy services in order to meet the changing needs and goals for you and your business.
Values - to work in a friendly, approachable and professional way, putting you and your business goals at the heart of what I do and providing a service that is reliable and trusted to deliver to exceptional standards at all times.

My Coaching & Consultancy Style

  • Honest

  • Open

  • Caring

  • Professional

  • Motivational

  • Inspirational

  • Empowering

My goal is always that you transform yourself and your business for the better. I have high standards of myself and I reflect this in the way I work with you. 

My brand is as important to me as I know your's is to you, which is why I have very collaborative relationships with my clients. The only way I build my reputation is by helping you succeed.

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