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My Super Connector

LinkedIn Consultancy & Training Services for HSP Female Entrepreneurs looking to enhance their online profile and generate organic leads through direct outreach.

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Business Growth Results

The Challenge

  • Needed to Successfully Launch New High-Ticket Programme - needed to reach the right clients and ensure consistent sales

  • Insufficient Time and Resources - no marketing team or adequate sales systems in place 

  • Low Performing Lead Funnel - current funnel not performing sufficiently to consistently generate leads.

  • Secure 10 sales per month improve inconsistent monthly sales

Objectives & Goals

  • Review and enhance programme goals, messaging and offer to ensure optimisation for target audience.

  • Development of lead magnet, landing pages and email sequences and other digital marketing tactics to deliver qualified leads

  • Support with appointment setting and sales conversions to ensure ongoing increase in monthly revenue goals.


We optimised the amazing, high-quality support provided through Jen's training and online events. Focused on targeting the key pain points of her audience and building out a her growth strategy and lead funnel for her new high-ticket programme. Within 8 weeks, she had a more robust automated structure. Her launch event resulted in 14 sales and over £40k. We continue to work with Jen increase to consistent 5 figure monthly sales.

What the Client Said...

I've had coaching before but Dionne is in a league of her own. She has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise and provides genuine tangible ROI and solutions to her clients. With her help I've increased my pricing and generated 3 times more ROI when it comes to my corporate offering. My mindset was holding me back and Dionne helped me to embrace my true value and purpose.

Jen Corcoran - Founder of My Super Connector

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