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Here's What My Clients Have to Say...

Supporting my clients to achieve their goals is why I love what I do. Helping them to make the transition and changes they need to make in order to help them and their business succeed is why I do what I do. 

Here are a few of the testimonials from some of the amazing people that I've had the pleasure to work with:


Wayne Douglas - MD, Bubble & Bounce and Big Little Fun

I initially started working with Dionne to help me create the content for the website of my new business, Big Little Fun. As a very creative and intuitive thinker, she 's naturally able to come up with fantastic ideas that have made us much more innovative and enabled us to see how to structure and manage the business more efficiently, professionally and with a clearer focus on not only where we need to be in the future, but how she can help us get there. Dionne is an integral part of the team at Bubble & Bounce and I recommend her highly to any business who is looking for someone that offers honest, professional and high-quality brand and marketing services to help them progress their business. 


Kelly Kennedy, Personal Trainer & Founder KK Fitness Solutions

Dionne you are amazing and so generous. Thank you for sharing all of the information during our sessions, I  have definitely benefited from receiving coaching from someone who is positive and genuine. I know that you really care about what you do and the service you offer and seeing people do well makes you stand out from the rest. Thank you again for your excellent coaching and for providing me with the tools and support I  needed to help me succeed and build my brand.

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April Rehrig - Founder, RISE Educational Advocacy

I hired Dionne to establish my brand and create tons of graphics for my new business. She has been a delight to work with and is incredibly talented! Dionne quickly got to work establishing branding for my niche audience. She intuitively understood who my clients were and how to reach them using the exact style and tone I wanted. Dionne works quickly, listens to requests, and demonstrates raw talent that shines in every product she creates. Not only are Dionne’s designs aesthetically pleasing, she knows what customers want! Dionne understands the importance of customer satisfaction and made revisions and changes easily. Dionne is the real deal…
I highly recommend Dionne to ANYONE needing help with personal branding.

Some of the GREAT brands we've worked with...

Rise Educational Advocacy

Social media branded graphics, course graphics, branded PDFs

The Network of Networks

Brand strategy and planning, social media content design, pdf promotional brochure content and graphic design.

The Black British Business Awards

Brand strategy and planning, social media content design, pdf corporate brochure content and graphic design.


Brand strategy and planning, website design, social media content design, pdf brochure content and design.


Brand and marketing strategy, graphic design, social media design, website design and content.

Bubble & Bounce

Brand strategy and identity, website and graphic design, social media content management

Big Little Fun

Website content writing and graphic design of promotional and operational communications.

S.Spa London

Business brand development, website design and content writing, digital communications and email campaign management, social media management.

My Super Connector

Personal brand coaching and training and support for developing client feedback questionnaires.

KK Fitness Solutions

Personal brand coaching and support with client developing programmes, website, logo and brochure.

Rock It Natural

Branded social graphics, course workbook, Facebook ad campaigns, content writing

Pink Ribbon Magazine

Brand strategy and awareness for development of events and campaigns to raise awareness of breast cancer treatments, political lobbying and fundraising.

Client Centric Wealth Efficiency

Brand development, strategy, digital communications and content development

Genuine Solutions Group

Competitor and customer avatar research, customer acquisition training.

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