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The Done for You, Build & Launch, End-to-End Marketing, Leads and Sales Programme for 40+ Business Owners Who Need Help to Scale Their Business & Create a Trusted and Credible Online Brand

You’re here because you’re ready to take your business to the next level, to step away from the day-to-day business development and to focus on delivering transformations for your clients.



I have no doubt that you have worked hard to get your business where it is today, but for some reason you’ve either hit a plateau or, you can’t seem to attract the clients that are ready and able to invest in your offer.

The Ultimate Business Growth System is your opportunity to finally rest easy knowing that your marketing, leads and sales are taken care of by a professional and experienced team, allowing you to do what you do best and serve your clients.

This system is specifically designed for service-based coaches, consultants and trainers who have a high-ticket (£/$5k+) offer to sell and who are focused on their long-term growth objectives of building a trusted and recognisable brand, attracting high-quality clients who can afford to invest in their services and maintaining strong and loyal client relationships.

The clients we work with:

  • Know that they are struggling to achieve the vision they set out with and need help to progress.

  • Are ready to let go of the day-to-day running of their business and embrace their growth potential.

  • Are looking to maximise profits by outsourcing their marketing and sales instead of employing an inhouse team.

  • Are looking to implement quickly so they can get the results and freedom they need within 12 weeks.

  • Are ready to have a business that fits around their lifestyle, instead of one that compromises it.


I initially started working with DPS to help me create the content for the website of my new business, Big Little Fun. As a very creative and intuitive thinker, Dionne is naturally able to come up with fantastic ideas that have made us much more innovative and enabled us to see how to structure and manage the business more efficiently, improve our sales process and implement strategies that have allowed us to consistently increase our monthly revenue to 5 figures and we're now on track to increasing that futher with the additional revenue streams they have helped us implement. The team at DPS are very experienced and we now have a clearer focus on not only where we need to be in the future, but how they can help us get there.

Wayne Douglas, Director - Bubble & Bounce and Big Little Fun 

For us to ensure your success, you must:

  • Have a clear 3-5 year vision for how you want your business to grow so we can support you with developing a strategy to achieve it.

  • Be ready to invest in this build and launch programme, so we can deliver the fast business growth and increased revenue you've been waiting for.

  • Have a high-ticket programme or service that has delivered results for your clients, so we can show how amazing you are at what you do.

  • Be ready to implement the resources needed to scale your brand and marketing efforts, so you can focus on delivering your high-quality and sought after programme to your clients.


We Will...

  • Provide you with a business growth manager who will support your progress through the system implementation and launch.

  • Create a bespoke brand and business growth strategy for your business so you can achieve your goals

  • Build out a brand-new SEO focused website that is fine-tuned with the best keywords, and implement targeted content strategies so your business is highly ranked on Google for organic traffic.

  • Support you with enhancing your coaching or consulting messaging through your programme and offer so we can match your ideal clients’ needs and goals, and make it quicker and easier to convert them into a sale.

  • Build out your sales process with the high-converting landing pages, so we can position you as a leading expert within your profession, industry or niche.

  • Create a high-quality lead magnet and email sequences to attract and nurture your prospects on the benefits of your offer and then take the next step of booking a discovery or strategy call with you.

  • Implement email marketing, Google, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns so we can widen the reach of your offer, build your email list and promote your launch event.

  • Set-up and manage a high-profile launch event so you can promote your new offer and your enhanced coaching/consulting or training programme and gain at least 10 new clients.

  • Automate your lead generation and appointment setting to fill your calendar high-quality qualified leads and clients so you can focus on delivery.

Why DPS Brand Consultancy:


In that last 10 years, we have worked with service-based coaching and consulting businesses in the finance, education, health and wellness, events, IT, film, photography and a range of other industries, supporting them with building trust, loyalty and long-term leads and growth through their digital content and marketing communications.

Having invested in our own knowledge and growth to keep pace with the change and trends in business development, marketing tactics and growth, our goal is to also maintain continuous improvement to ensure our clients receive the highest-quality and innovative services we can deliver.

Our team are professional, experienced and dedicated to ensuring your success and our ultimate goal is to continue to work with you so that you can achieve your long-term vision and goals.

Whether you are creating a lifestyle business that you wish to sell on or a legacy business that you plan to pass on, we’re here to ensure your growth aligns to that vision.

Iyke Eche - CEO of Brilit

Business Overview:

Remote IT Support Company, established in 2011 to delivery, consulting, cloud computing, cyber security, business continuity, telephone systems and IT, serving a diverse clientele, ranging from schools and residential care homes to high-net-worth individuals.


Delivered a 5-year growth strategy for scaling to a consistent 5+ figure monthly revenue and achieved this goal within 3 months, by implementing our enhanced Ultimate Business Growth sales system to attract their ideal clients at scale which has resulted in 10 new acquisitions for their recurring fee services from the first campaign taking them from £30K to 80k.

Iyke Eche 1.jpg



You're just one simple phone call away from achieving your goals...

Just click the button below to access your FREE Growth Plan & Strategy Session with me today!

What happens if you don’t start now?

Our goal is to support you with taking on at least 3-5 new clients per month by implementing this system into your business. If you’re programme or service is worth £/$10k, that’s an additional £/?50k per month you’re potentially losing if you wait. Over the course of a year that’s £/$600k minimum!

You can continue on the path you are on now, trying to manage everything yourself, feeling overwhelmed and burning out, not achieving your business goals and creating the lifestyle you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Try to build an inhouse team who you’ll have to manage and who may take longer to deliver the results we can in weeks.

Ultimately, working with us gives you the opportunity have a business that supports your lifestyle as opposed to retro-fitting your what little time you have for your loved ones around your business.

Life is fragile and tomorrow is promised to no-one, and even though your business is an amazing gift that you can use to create transformational change, what we all ultimately seek is life fulfilment.

Your business is capable of giving you the opportunity to experience the life you dreamed of…but you need support to make that happen, just like your clients need your support to enable them to do the same.

Business Team



We understand that this is a big investment to make, especially when you may have worked with people in the past who haven’t delivered to the standard they said they would.

The reason why we offer everything you need to set up your business for consistent leads and sales is that I can guarantee that at least one part of your growth system is broken, so if we just fix some and not all, eventually you will need to fix the parts that weren’t sorted out the first time round, which may end up costing you more money.

However, because I know it’s a risk, our promise to you is that if we don’t double the programme investment that you have paid, once all the lead generation elements have been implemented and launched, we will continue to work with you for free until you do!

So, in other words, if we don’t deliver enough leads to double your investment in this programme, we'll continue to support you for FREE until we do!


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