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KK Fitness Solutions

Personal Training, Fitness Classes and Nutritional Support for women over 40 looking to enhance their overall health and wellbeing in the wake of perimenopause and menopause.


Business Growth Results

The Challenge

  • Lack of time commitments to develop online coaching programme - full time role stopping her from growing her coaching business

  • Needs support with targeting her ideal audience - no marketing experience or understanding of how to target her ideal clients

  • Struggling to increase monthly revenue - limited revenue through in-person classes

  • Needs help incorporating affiliate partnerships - wanted to learn more about other passive revenue streams

Objectives & Goals

  • Develop new high-ticket programme, lead magnet, landing pages and email sequences targeted at her ideal clients pain points and the unique offering she provides

  • Create new website and mobile app to support passive income sales and increase recurring revenue

  • Support with appointment setting and sales conversions to maximise sales of her high-ticket programme to achieve ongoing monthly revenue targets.


We identified Kelly's clients pain points and challenges, focused on a targeted messaging and content strategy, built out her lead pipeline and implemented social media ads. We built a keyword optimised website and mobile app and helped to secure partnerships to enhance her offer. After launch, she acquired 60 new applications for her online training within 4 weeks and she is steadily increasing her monthly revenue to 5 figures consistently.

What the Client Said...

The team are efficient, professional and always on hand whenever I need them, so I've felt 100% comfortable with them handling my marketing, leads and sales which has allowed me to just focus on working with my clients, knowing that everything is covered. I know I've saved so much time and headache outsourcing this to DPS Brand and I recommend them highly to any other coaches looking to streamline their business and grow their revenue.

Kelly Kennedy - KK Fitness Solutions

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