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Is it time to re-invent yourself?

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in so many ways.

One of the many questions I’ve been asked is whether this is a good time to reinvent yourself?

Self-analysis should always be a part of your life journey. Not just in extreme circumstances like now, but because life throws challenges at you as an individual to help you grow, evolve and discover a new path to becoming the person you really want to be and fulfilling your true purpose.

Having said that, sometimes making what can be a big change is scary for some people.

They worry about what their friends and family will think.

They worry about whether they will be successful on their new path.

They worry about whether it’s the right thing to do now.

They worry about not having the skills or experience to be credible.

They worry about being too old to start again.

They worry that they don’t have the time to really make it work.

These are all genuine fears and they are totally understandable.

The thing is, if you know in your heart that your life is not what you wanted or expected it to be, at some point, you will naturally, divinely or forcibly be pushed in the direction to follow your true path.

The only thing that will stop you are those fears!

Many of us, including me, have been impacted negatively in our professions by the coronavirus and I’m sure we’ve all been impacted personally just as much, if not more.

Working from home is nothing new for me, I’ve been doing it since I started my business, but this unprecedented reduction in work and finances, has made me rethink what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

I’ve had a lot of serious questions to ask myself about whether or not my business can survive. Then, once we’re out of this situation, if it ever happened again, what changes would I need to make NOW to ensure I’m not compromised the way I have been this time.

I’ve had to ask myself if I’m happy with what I’m doing and where I am at this stage in my life. Am I really doing all I can to make the difference I want to make? Am I fulfilled and truly happy with where I am?

This has been a struggle for me to answer because I do love what I do, but I don’t think I’ve really reached my potential. The last few years for me personally have been a big challenge that has also impacted how I work, so this is something I also have to take into account.

I invariably go back and forth with those same fears but know in my heart that I need to make changes too.

I love helping individuals and businesses develop and build their brands, I love being creative and strategic with content writing, design and marketing and I love to see someone’s vision come to life.

Again, maybe some of you feel the same way about your job or profession, but you know deep down something isn’t right and that you need to make a change too.

It’s hard to be totally honest with yourself sometimes and admit that you’re not 100% happy and that what you do isn’t making your heart sing every day.

If that’s how you feel, then yes, now is definitely the right time to re-evaluate and potentially, re-invent yourself.

I want you to know that once you really step into the person you’re supposed to be you won’t worry about what family and friends think because you will have total faith and confidence that you’re on the right path.

That you’ll be successful because you know you’re finally on the right path.

You’ll develop the skills and easily build your experience because people will be attracted to the authentic energy and passion you express for doing what you truly love and, that age and time will never be a barrier, because you’re doing what makes your heart sing every day.

We don’t really know how long this pandemic will last, or what the effects will be on our lifestyles once it’s over.

Restarting may seem like a big ask, but now is a great time to re-evaluate your career, business and personal goals and develop a plan so that you can finally make that mental shift into the person you really want to become.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can support you with focusing on a new career, profession or business, please feel free to visit my website and book a one-to-one personal brand coaching session.

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