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“The Power of Visibility Can Never Be Underestimated” Margaret CHO

You’ve probably heard what visibility is and what it means in branding and business, but with so many opinions out there, it’s easy to mis-understand the interpretation and why it’s so important.

The 21st century world that we are now living in and the prevalent use of social media, forces you to really think about how you present yourself and what you are commenting about online.

Out of the 7.6 billion population, almost half (3.4bn) are using social media, so you can pretty much guarantee that someone is checking you out online when you’re applying for a job, someone is looking to use your services or just general nosey-ness!

So, whether you are an employed professional, an established business or an entrepreneur selling their expertise, you want to do as much as you can to create a profile that showcases you and your reputation, honestly and authentically.

Our professional and personal success is defined by the way in which we serve or support each other. We need people to trust us and to see that we have the knowledge, integrity and credibility for what we do. This is what branding is all about.

Boosting your visibility

Visibility on the other hand is more about the actions we take to get our personal or business brand noticed…and that is a whole other beast in itself!

There are different tactics you should learn and implement:

  • The first thing you need to understand is consistency. You need to develop a strategy for how you’re going to promote yourself and/or your business, who you’re going to target and how your product or service will give them the solution they need.

  • Employing other tactics such as focusing on your key skills and your unique experience are also important to helping you stand out and make an impact with your target audience.

  • Developing great content that will attract people to your profile or business and guide them through your sales pipeline or to contact you about using your services or working for them.

  • Understanding how to use social platforms like LinkedIn, and making the most of the resources and analytics they provide to raise your profile, make connections and build relationships.

  • Developing relationships with other media channels such as industry or local magazines and sending out press releases which offer them a unique perspective or angle on a topical subject or innovation within your industry.

  • With video arguably being one of the most prominent sources of communication, being able to sit in front of a camera and share your experiences with your audience or clients is one of the most powerful ways that you can build your visibility and share your expertise.

  • Most of all, its essential to understand who you are, value what you have learnt and what you have to offer. So, focusing on your mindset and having the ability to stay motivated and engaged in your progress is what will inspire you to keep moving forward.

The only thing that’s truly unique is you!

Developing a profile whether business or personal, takes time. Nobody is an overnight success.

Being visible isn’t just about putting your brand out there mindlessly on anything and everything there is. Too much of something can be a turn off.

Focus on being relevant to your target audience and building their trust so that they know you are just as invested into their success as are to your own.

What we don’t know, we won’t find out. But we do know is that there are over 7 billion people on this planet and therefore your business and what you specialise in is unfortunately, not unique. The only thing you have that is truly unique is you!

There’s a lot of competition for your audience’s attention and the best way to become relevant is to remove the clutter and the noise.

Stay consistent when building your brand, understand what your message is, what your audience need from you, how you’re going to help them and then, deliver!

Everything you do should be focused on how you’re going to make that connection and build a relationship with them, so that they trust you enough to employ you or use your services.

Get the support you need...

If you need support with your visibility, I’m delighted to be co-hosting the BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit.

This one-day virtual summit is dedicated to helping you learn, grow and transform your business and career by raising your visibility. From PR to marketing, copywriting to branding, LinkedIn, video and developing your mindset, this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

Our speaker are:

As a virtual event, you don’t need to get a babysitter, there’s no travel costs, there’s no dress code (turn up in your pj’s if you like), you don’t have to be there live…you have 30 days to watch and listen to the presentations, but if you do turn up on the day, you’ll get access to exclusive prizes, giveaways and discounts.

What’s not to love?

Access to amazing speakers for a fraction of the price you would pay to see all of them individually. Get your questions answered live and direct and most of all, leave with the all the advice and guidance you need for improving your visibility.

It's time to be bold enough to showcase the fantastic talents we know you have and to do it all by being honest and authentic to who you are.

The BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit is just one of the ways we are supporting business owners and professionals like you to increase your confidence, mindset and focus on building your profile and making your impact in 2020.

No more hiding in the shadows. Time to step out and SHINE. Click below to book your place today!

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