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Making a Stand for Women with Curves

In this new technology age, what attracts you to the website’s you frequent? Is it how colourful they are? How easy it is to find the information you are looking for? How relevant the products and services are?

More and more new businesses are diversifying the way in which they target their customers by using alternative marketing strategies and I for one have been shouting hallelujah from the roof tops.

In this article, I’m focussing on fashion brands and what they are doing for Women with Curves!

Whilst browsing through one of my social media accounts the other day I stumbled across the website that a few friends had liked and commented on – It caught my eye because of the models it used and I thought; finally a website that was not only advertising their clothing using models that are not a size zero, but they had hip’s, a booty and boob’s, giving a curvaceous woman like myself a real idea of what the clothes may look like on me! They also hadn’t hidden them under a ‘plus size section. They were there among all the other models of various shapes and sizes!

This one change made a huge difference to my customer experience and after all, isn’t that what it is all about. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of ordering clothes online that look horrendous on me when they arrive but looked absolutely fab on the size 6 models on the website.

Why aren’t more of the big brands doing this? Why do curvy ladies have to filter for the plus size collections when some ladies sized 14 to 18 don’t always fit into the plus size category? Why is it that because a woman is classed as ‘plus size’, brands think they should dress in a tent? Do plus size ladies not deserve to look and feel sexy too?

I’m all for embracing my curves and I want some of the bigger brands to embrace us to! Not section us off in the background; I know many of us want to see more changes in the way that bigger brands market to their customers?

What I would like to see is; if I select a size 16 dress I want to see a picture of how it looks on a size 16 model. If you can refine a search to select the colour and style, why can’t you see the selection they have on a model that matches the size you select?

It’s unfortunate that some sections of the fashion industry are still portraying this archaic image of what they think women want to see? In addition, the argument about creating positive body image role models for our young girls would also go a long way if these changes were made across the board.

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