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With over 25 years experience working with a range of start-ups and SME businesses, we'll support you with tried and tested solutions guaranteed to help you improve your marketing and scale successfully.

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This 3 part workshop will help you to:

  • Day 1: 7th June - Package your products and services with clarity so that they become easy to sell...

  • Day 2: 8th June - Develop your customer/client avatars so that you know exactly who your ideal clients are and how to find them...

  • Day 3: 9th June - Learn the 9 marketing elements that will ensure your business stands out from your competitors and generates consistent revenue.


You've worked hard to get your business to where it is now. This workshop is designed to help you 'get unstuck' and feel excited about moving your business to the next stage of growth and success.

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What Our Clients Say...

Jennifer Corcoran

Founder & CEO

My Super Connector

Jennifer Corcoran.jpg

Dionne is AMAZING! I started coaching with her during lockdown and she has literally turned my business around and made me fall in love with it all over again.  I was feeling a bit blocked and she was the perfect coach to help me. In 6 intensive 121 sessions she has helped me to work through all my mindset blocks and has given me the confidence and tools to move my business forward to the next level. 

Vikas Sharma

Founder & Chartered Financial Planner

 Client Centric Wealth

Vik - Profile_edited.jpg

Dionne was 'invaluable' to us during the several months in which we put all this together.


She is approachable, honest, caring and works exceptionally hard on behalf of her clients. I recommend Dionne to anybody that wants to 'professionalise' their business and work closely with a genuine talented and experienced brand and marketing professional. 

Emma Marshall

Personal Brand Photographer

Emma Marshall Photography


Thanks so much for this really well put together talk, Dionne. I found it useful, engaging and inspiring and it was the best thing about my trip to the Business Show that day.


Would definitely like to come to future events where you’re speaking. Lots of value - thanks again!

About Me...

I'm passionate about creating strong relationships with my clients so that they feel supported and confident working with me, knowing that they're getting true value for the investment of their time and money:


  • As a certified coach and a brand consultant with over 25 years experience, you get the best of both worlds when you work with me.

  • You'll feel inspired, motivated and excited about running your business.

  • You'll have a strategy and action plan that will help you attract your ideal clients and grow your business.

  • You'll have a unique and authentic brand that provides you with the fulfilment, freedom and financial rewards you desire.

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