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Developing the Trust, Value & Confidence to Sell Yourself as a New Entrepreneur

5 Nov 2019

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Starting a Successful Coaching or Consultancy Business – Part 2


Overcoming the Misconceptions of Starting Your Coaching or Consulting Business


If you are thinking about getting into coaching and consulting, it’s important to address some of the reasons that may hold you back from starting your business and being successful in what may be a profession that is perfect for your experience and skill set. So, below I am addressing these misconceptions which will hopefully help you to feel more comfortable and confident about becoming a consultant or coach:


You Need a Degree!

These days, becoming an expert doesn’t necessarily mean going to college or university to get a degree in your chosen profession. With a wealth of both free and paid information available online and in face-to-face classes, you can develop your knowledge and skills in pretty much any topic by learning from someone who is already an expert and has gained the experience in their field is just as valuable as getting a degree.


Your client will be more focused on seeing that you know what you are talking about and that you can provide the results they are looking for. Your knowledge comes from real experience, which as a coach or consultant you can gain on your own or by working with own coach or consultant.


You Have to be Well Known!

Being a well-known, celebrity or famous coach or consultant again, isn’t necessary. The majority of your potential clients cannot afford to work with someone of that calibre and ultimately, it’s more about how you build relationships with them than being a ‘big name’ in your industry or field of expertise.


When you think about it logically, who hires celebrity or well-known coaches and consultants – only the 5% of the population who are already wealthy and can afford the high-tier pricing right? That versus, the 99% of people hiring those who are local affordable all the time! You can be extremely successful and amazing at your job without being on television or on the front page of magazines or newspapers.


You Have to Be a Business Professional!

If you are thinking about becoming a corporate consultant, you may need to wear a suit and dress more professionally, but if you’re planning on becoming a fitness coach, that look won’t necessarily work!


Focus on what you wear and how you behave being in line and authentic to you and what you do. It’s more about being comfortable and confident in yourself and how you present yourself.  Think about when you see most of the highly successful entrepreneurs on tv, they dress smart, but casual which could be a jacket and jeans.


Be confident in yourself and run your business on your terms.



Starting Your Coaching or Consulting Business


There is a lot to learn and understand when you start a business regardless of what kind of business it is and whilst this article is not going to go into the depths of every aspect, there are specific elements that I will cover in relation to coaching and consulting:


Knowledge – More than anything else, you need to have learned and developed the knowledge you need to deliver a high-quality service to your clients and have them keep using your services and recommend you to others. Again, this doesn’t mean you need to have a degree. Many successful entrepreneurs are self-taught so no matter how the knowledge is acquired, it does need to be gained in some way shape or form.


Integrity – As a coach or consultant you are the product and your repu