"If you're ready to start and grow your business to be is as unique as you are, then I'm ready to support you to achieve your goals?"

Dionne Smith, Personal Brand Coach and Business Brand Consultant

As a service-based entrepreneur, you're naturally attuned to wanting to help people or other businesses be their best and achieve their goals. So creating a business that will help you connect with the clients who are ideally suited to you means focusing on why they will be attracted to you in the first place.

  • Learn how to use your personal brand story to stand out to your target audience

  • Identify your ideal clients and deliver a clear message that will attract them to your services

  • Integrate targeted marketing strategies designed help you take your business to the next level

  • Grow your business and gain financial and lifestyle success and freedom on your terms


I initially started working with Dionne to help me create the content for the website of my new business, Big Little Fun. As a very creative and intuitive thinker, she 's naturally able to come up with fantastic ideas that have made us much more innovative and enabled us to see how to structure and manage the business more efficiently, professionally and with a clearer focus on not only where we need to be in the future, but how she can help us get there.

Wayne Douglas, Director - Bubble & Bounce and Big Little Fun 

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Personal Branding Coaching

I want to improve my personal brand profile, my confidence and performance at work/in my business.

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