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9 Ways to Improve The Success of Your Marketing DNA

If you're marketing is just not bringing you the results you are expecting, there may be a simple solution that will take your content to the next level over and above what your competitors are doing...even the biggest ones!

There are 9 core elements that most marketing pieces should contain so that they work more effectively. In addition, each core element also has its corresponding success factor which you also need to take into consideration to boost the effectiveness of your lead generation strategies.

The good news is that it doesn't cost you anything to implement them into your existing marketing content and to transform your lead generation.

So, start with the most expensive marketing piece and then work through each of the following elements to see how well they are implemented...if at all:

  1. Target Market (I+C+T) - Not all customers are created equally and your business will naturally attract different segments of the market. So, the first part of the Success Formula is to identify those types of customers who are most likely to buy from you. (The Success Factor - Identify who they are > Create Your Avatar > Tailor Your Message)

  2. Differentiator (U+C+CC) - A differentiator is a clear statement which positions the business away from the competition to the benefit of its customers and prospects. It’s what really makes you ‘stand out from the crowd’. It’s what makes the DIFFERENCE between a very successful business and one that never reaches its full potential! (The Success Factor - Uniqueness; what makes your business the best at what it does > Create your differentiator from the 10 proven categories > Craft and Communicate; there are three rules you need to follow to define your differentiator)

  3. Headline (HT + T + F) - The headline is THE most important part of every sales and marketing piece. Unfortunately, it’s missing from 95% of marketing pieces. And, to clarify - the name of your business isn’t a headline! (The Success Factor - Headline Template; there are 48 powerful headline templates will help you create powerful winning headlines in every case > Test before you launch > Format; once you’ve chosen your headline you need to format it correctly)

  4. Irresistible Offer (D + S + C) - Creating an Irresistible Offer is key to attracting new customers and for getting existing customers to buy more often. (The Success Factor - Desire; there are 2 types of irresistible and desirable offers that work very well for any business; free trials and lead magnets > Stimulate; do everything in your power to get people to take action, and take it NOW! > Communicate it on all your relevant sales and marketing pieces)

  5. Features & Benefits (FL + L + CB + OI) - Almost every business owner is aware of ‘features’ and ‘benefits’. But it’s surprising how few people use benefits properly to maximise their advantage in the marketplace. (The Success Factors - Feature List; write a list of all the features of your product or service > Link; next to each feature write the words ‘which means that’ > Craft Benefit; now create the corresponding benefit > Order of Importance; finally, put your benefits in order of importance. Biggest impact first, second biggest next, and so on)

  6. Guarantee (GP + P) - As few as 1 in a 100,000 SME owners actually use a guarantee impactfully in marketing their business. (The Success Factors - Guarantee The Promise; in other words, identify the ultimate result that the customer is buying and then promise you will deliver on it > Punish the business if the promise is not delivered (but only guarantee what's in your control, e.g. if Dominos don’t deliver your pizza within 30 minutes, it’s FREE)

  7. Reasons Why (R + A) - If you make a sensational offer, or you make a statement that could be hard to believe, and then if you don’t back it up with Reasons Why… you’ll lose sales, because people will think ‘it’s too good to be true’. (The Success Factors - Rationale; justify WHY you’re doing it or saying it > Articulate; then simply articulate the rationale so it makes sense and completely overcomes any cynicism or doubts in the mind of your customer or potential customer)

  8. Social Proof (CB + C) - Social Proof is a term used to describe a combination of credibility builders. The more credibility you have in your sales and marketing, the more believable it all becomes. (The Success Factors - Credibility Builders; such as testimonials, case studies, awards and associations > Communicate; once you’ve collected your credibility builders you need to then communicate them in your sales and marketing pieces)

  9. Call to Action (SO + SR + MR + WHN) - Your Call To Action is simply telling the customer or potential customer what they need to do next. What exactly do you want them to do to take you up on your offer. (The Success Factors - Summerise the Offer; tell them what they will get when they respond > Stimulator Reminder; add a deadline and why they need to respond now (your Stimulator) > Multiple Ways of Responding; give them more than one way to respond > What Happens Next; finally, tell them what will happen when they respond)

When you start to focus on each of these areas in your marketing content, you will inevitably see an immediate change and remember, they don't cost anything to implement, but the impact will be huge.

If your lead generation is not working effectively enough for you, book a FREE call with me to see how I can help you to analyse and improve your marketing content using these nine strategies.

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