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5 Steps for Creating A Niche Audience to Build Your Personal Brand

When you think about the people you follow online or those who are doing well within your industry, you will have noticed that they are known for ‘something’.

They have found a way to get their very specific message out to a very targeted audience and have build a huge following of people who appreciate how they authentically present themselves and their expertise.

The opportunity to build your personal profile is an open gate for anyone who knows how to use the plethora social platforms freely available to their advantage on a consistent basis.

So, how can you become an influence or leader in your profession or industry? By being niche.

It’s not difficult to see how many people within your industry or profession who are sharing their expertise. So, if you want to stand out, focusing on a niche topic will allow you to build your following and attract your ideal audience, clients or customers.

Here are my top tips for creating a niche personal brand:

Step 1 – Share Your Story:

Authenticity comes from being able to share your personal story and talk about your own challenges and vulnerabilities. Ultimately, everyone has had bad experiences that have made us the people we are today. So, before you can begin talking about a specific topic you need to decide what, out of all the knowledge and experience you have, will be the core message you want to share that people will buy into. A personal brand is exactly that…personal. So, taking the time to uncover your life story and allowing that to naturally flow into your message will help your audience to trust your honesty and build a long-term relationship with you.

Step 2 – Finding Your Niche

Your niche area of expertise should ideally be something that you are passionate about and have had experience in. Why? Because it makes it easier for you to talk about honestly and authentically and, it will help your audience see you as the ‘go to’ person for that topic.

Your niche doesn’t have to necessarily be something related to your profession. There are thousands of examples of people who have become well known for topics outside of their work by creating specialist podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to topics which are borne out of personal everyday experiences.

Step 3 – Developing Your Message:

This is an area where I’ve found that many people struggle. When you have lots of different skills and you enjoy using most of them it can be a challenge to decide what should take priority. So, what ends up happening is that you try to focus on all of them, but there is no real flow or clarity around who you are or what you do and more importantly, who you are targeting.

I had this same issue when I started my business too. So, I had to stop and think about who I could best serve with my knowledge and experience. Then I focused on how I could use my personal and professional experience to create a message what would support them with their challenges. I created my client avatars (an essential step) and then mapped out a route to take them through the journey from prospect to client. This one step made it a lot easier to reach my audience.

Step 4 – Find Your Audience

Okay, so you’ve completed all the previous steps, but where are your unique audience hanging out? How can you get your message in front of them and start building your reputation in the niche area you have identified for yourself?

If you have created your client avatars correctly, you will have a good idea of where to find them. For the most part, the quickest and most cost-effective route is to use your social channels and to have a consistent but varied messaging and content strategy to reach them. However, depending on the niche you have chosen, there will be other that you should also consider, such as; collaborating with other professionals who you are not directly competing with; joining networking groups; events; print/digital media such as papers or magazines; writing your own book and; direct mail.

Step 5 – Show Up!

The only way people will know you for your niche is to show up as much as possible and share your amazing value and experience with them. You have more to offer than you probably realise. Confidence will play a part in you getting out there and letting people ‘see’ you and what you’re all about, but don’t allow imposter syndrome to hold you back.

Get the support you need to build your confidence, your message and your strategy. Remember, people are following and listening to you because they don’t know what you know or because they have a keen level of interest and affiliation with your area of expertise or niche topic.


With the number of people competing for our attention increasing on a daily basis, focusing on a niche audience and message will help you to cut through the crowd and build your credibility and reputation around a topic that is authentic to you and your personal or professional knowledge and experience.

Download my Free Personal Brand Checklist to find out more about how you can develop your personal profile.

Alternatively, if you would love a 121 session you can book a free call here or check out my coaching services to learn how I can help you find and build your niche audience.

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