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5 Signs That You Have Credible Personal Brand Reputation

When it comes to sharing or selling your knowledge as a coach or a consultant, there are 5 key signs that show you have developed the credibility and reputation as an expert within your industry and therefore, impacts positively on your personal brand influence.

1. You’re a trusted authority

Zig Ziglar said "If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they will do business with you." Building trust with your audience and clients is the only way to sustain your success. Establishing strong and loyal relationships are the key focus if you want to ensure your personal brand really works for you.

You’re able to speak from a position of experience, you’re honest and authentic about what you believe and you showcase a consistent and credible reputation for the knowledge you have. You’re easily able to build trust and authority with your audience for what you do.

Your audience follow you because they understand who you are, and they know what to expect from you because you deliver a clear sense of your skills and experience. They know which issues to seek your advice on, and which projects to ask your help with.

Your personal value and the income you can command increases because of the high level of trust people have in you and the way in which you deliver your services.

2. You have more ‘pull’ than ‘push’

At the risk of sounding crude, you become much more attractive and therefore have better 'pulling power' than when you had to persuade people to work with you. When you really take the time to focus and show the passion for what you do, you network like a ninja and you deliver a high-quality service that goes above an beyond, people will be actively seeking to work with you.

You find yourself with an enviable waiting list of clients who are happy to delay working with you until it’s at your convenience rather than theirs.

The bigger print media players start asking for your comments on the hot topics which are relevant to your expertise and experience.

You have a full line-up of keynote speaker slots from which you can earn 6+ figures for events which you have been specially selected for because of your ‘pulling power’ and the valuable information that the audience can learn from you.

3. You are a seen as a thought leader

Now, this phrase is thrown around a lot, but when you’ve developed a reputation for sharing your experience on key issues within your industry which are used as a benchmark for innovation, or voicing your opinion on topics that are of national or global interest which then go viral, suddenly what you think matters and your designation as a thought leader takes hold.

You receive offers from TV shows asking you for an interview or to join their panel with other topic experts.

You’re approached to write a book and share your life, knowledge or expertise resulting in you becoming a best seller within days…or with really good marketing, hours!

You become a leading personal brand innovator and influencer within your industry, with your biggest competitors following you for the credible reputation you have built from your expertise and leadership.

4. Your referrals are ‘off the chart’

Referrals are the ultimate form of flattery and speak volumes for how you not only deliver your service, but for your personal work ethic and ability to get results for your clients. When your existing clients are more than happy to recommend you to their friends, family and acquaintances, you know you’ve got the perfect formula for success:

Your clients offer information on others that you could help without you even asking.

You get calls from other industry peers or professionals who want you to help support their clients too.

You create the pyramid effect with your referrals also referring people they know to you!

5. You’re timeless

When you have a strong reputation and you maintain credibility for what you do, your is timeless and capable of surviving from one generation to the next because your true to your values, message and customer service:

You stay true to your core values and consistently deliver them through your employees and your customers, which allows you to reinforce the perception you maintain and ensure you remain relevant.

You constantly look for ways to improve without compromising your mission, vision or values so your brand is sustainable, but the customer experience continues to evolve.

You focus more on your philanthropic efforts and dedicate time to give back to your community, the country or the world. A selfless passion for humanitarian challenges brings attention to you and your personal brand for all the right reasons.

Invest in Your Progress

If you need the support to develop or improve your reputation and credibility so that you can create a credible and successful personal brand reputation, then you it’s essential to take action and start building it now.

To quote Gary Vaynerchuk "It's important to build a personal brand because it's the only thing you're going to have. Your reputation online and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so you've got to be a good person. You can't hide anything, and more importantly, you've got to be out there at some level."

If you have the passion and drive for what you do and you want to build a reputation and credibility that showcases you as a leader, then you need to focus on developing your own personal brand.

For more information on how I can support you with becoming an entrepreneur and growing your business by developing your personal brand into a successful business brand, please visit my website and schedule your free 45 minute brand discovery session today.

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