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Is Personal Style Really So Important to Your Personal Brand?

The short answer is yes!

Personal style can be attributed in two ways; communication and image. How they both impact on your personal brand really does depend on what you do. The focus may be on one over the other or they may be in equal balance.

When you are looking to building relationships with people, how you approach them and what you look like will factor in the opinion they form of you, so it’s important for you to understand what your style is and how to develop it effectively in order to make the best impact on your audience.

Let’s look at both individually:

Your Communication Style:

How you communicate with people is essential to building your brand influence and authority. Knowing your trade and mastering the skills you need to verbalise and develop content that compels your potential audience to want to build a relationship with you is something that you can master through understanding what their challenges are or why they should learn from you.

Communicate with empathy and consideration for their challenges by showing them that you really care about them and their needs. This will then open the pathway to making connections that build trust and inspiration with your audience, encouraging them to follow, support and work with you.

For those who have a career providing a professional service, including teaching, professional speakers, financial advisers, lawyers, accountants, sales professionals etc; verbal personal style is the more dominant factor, because you need people to buy into who you are and what you can do for them.

However, your visual style should not be ignored either! As we all know, those first impressions are generally borne from how we are seen before we get the opportunity to verbally communicate with a customer or client.

The way in which you communicate (face-to-face or online – email, website, social, video etc) with your audience, customers and clients can add immense value to your brand and business when that trust is loyal.

Referrals are something we should always have in mind in this regard, because people will only refer when trust has been established. These leads are much more likely to turn into new business because of the relationship you have built with the referee.

ALWAYS lead with treating others as you would want to be treated. Keep your communication both verbal and written motivational, inspirational, educational and empowering to create the influence and authority you seek for your personal brand.

Your Image Style:

Image is one of those areas that for personal branding is a key focus, because effectively, you are your brand. So, what you look like and the way in which you present yourself visually can make a huge difference to creating strong relationships and connections.

When you look at most high-profile personalities, regardless of whether they are in a ‘style business’ or not, their personal style is scrutinised, discussed and copied. What makes the difference though, is how they carry themselves wearing and looking how they do.

We are all empathetic enough to know when someone doesn’t feel comfortable or confident with how they look and that in turn affects our view of them too.

So, knowing what your style is and how to present yourself in the best possible way, is key to making yourself feel good and creating that magnetic energy that draws in those who you want to attract, which is a valuable asset to have in your personal brand armoury!

For those personal brands who are looking to create an audience through their visual style (fashion, lifestyle, hair, make-up etc), the appeal again, must inspire followers who have similar interests to build a relationship with you based on what you can do for their visual style; what you look like or; both. The whole reason they are following you is because of your visual image, so be unashamedly authentic and confident in who you are.

Image and appearance is very subjective. So, when you know that people will form opinions based on what you look like you can combat any negativity you may receive by learning what works for best for you and presenting your image with authority.

Owning Your Personal Style

The brand of YOU is what it is, so own it! If you need support with getting either of these areas right, there are personal brand stylists, photographers, videographers and coaches who can help you with getting this on point and presenting yourself in the best way for your brand style.

Be authentic to who you are and be proud of the fact that you are focused on inspiring people, helping them to improve their lives. Not everyone has to like you. Just know that you will appeal to the audience, customers and clients who see how amazing you are and want to work with or follow you because they can see that you care about yourself and them.

Communicate considerately and empathetically; make every relationship special and; don’t’ just judge a book by its cover!

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