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Mastering Confidence for Success

This is one of those self-development areas that many people struggle with and it can be the difference between success and failure in many cases.

Without confidence doubt and fear take over and push you backwards, sacrificing your happiness as well as your success.

I know this from my own personal experience as this is an area that I have struggled with and it has held me back from moving forward and achieving my goals and dreams.

I spent a long time in a job I loved not showing what I had to offer and just doing what I was expected to do. I didn’t have the belief or faith in myself to stand up and express my opinions or really showcase my skills. I felt like I didn’t know enough. I had never been to university like most of the other people that worked there and so surely I wasn’t smart enough to be promoted to management level.

I held on to these limiting beliefs for so long and felt a bit lost as to what I should do about it. I went on an obtained my marketing diploma and I was proud of myself for doing that, because this wasn’t the job I had set out to do, but I found myself here and I enjoyed it.

It wasn’t until I had someone help me see my strengths and give me the opportunity to use them that I suddenly sky-rocked forward and got three promotions in less than two years and my confidence was high.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last long as I was made redundant and being pregnant at the time, my confidence took a huge blow. I decided to start my own events business and I failed – not because I wasn’t capable, but my inexperience of running my own business, lack of funds and lack of confidence held me back. I was too scared to ask for help – shouldn’t I know all this stuff? I would look like an idiot if I asked for help wouldn’t I?

More self-limiting beliefs stored up in my mind.

I was getting further and further into debt and needed to find a job but this took time too. Every interview I went to where I didn’t get the job, left me heartbroken. More so because I wanted so much to help support my family…after all, they were and still are the most important thing to me after God. I felt like I had no control. I felt worthless and unemployable.

Ironically, I got a lifeline from the same person that had helped me before and I got a job working with her, got some of my confidence back and ended up getting what I thought was a better job in the City. However, the environment was toxic – dog eat dog almost and it just wasn’t a great place to work. I was planning to leave and start up again on my own, but that dreaded redundancy took hold again!

Although it was upsetting, it was also a relief. I knew this time I had to do my own thing and start my business. It had always been a lifelong ambition and being naturally creative, I had so many ideas about what I could do.

I had to make the decision that I could either keep doubting myself and hiding behind a wall of sweet smiles or I could push myself out into the open and make myself heard.

Starting my business again, was a challenge and it has thrown many curve balls at me that have still caused doubts and fears, but over the last six months I have really focused more on myself and what I have to offer.

It took a long time for me to realise that I may not be perfect, but I am perfectly me and that’s fine. People can accept me or not. I don’t need everyone to like me, but I know that I will always put my best into helping others because integrity and morality are a key part of my personal values.

Fortunately, confidence is something that you can develop and practice every day. Although it may take some time for you to master it, you have to maintain faith in yourself and remember that nobody is perfect – not even the most confident and successful people are. They just understand how to focus their mind, their energy and everyone else on what they are good at and they know that is what matters most. When they need help, they ask for it. They don’t allow fear to overtake their ambition to succeed.

We all have this ability. Sometimes, we just need a push in the right direction.

Think about your strengths and master any weaknesses or apparent imperfections – even if it’s only from a mindset perspective because you don’t have to be perfect to be successful…you just need to be confident, have faith and believe in yourself.

You have something amazing to offer the world from your own unique perspective, so show it off and be proud of yourself!

Here’s a great article from Joel Brown at Addicted2Success on 9 Confidence Building Techniques That Will Help You Ace Anything!

The more you believe in yourself, the more people will believe in you. Time waits for no-one and tomorrow is not promised to us either. Make the most of every day and wake up knowing that there are opportunities for you to make a difference, fulfil your purpose and live your dreams.

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