• Dionne Smith, Director DPS Brand Consultancy Ltd

Employees - Are You Valued by Your Employer?

The ‘employee mindset’ is changing as are the environments in which we work. There are a lot of amazing companies that really understand how their brand culture is in essence, what makes their business stand out. They understand that investing in their employee’s wellbeing and development is key to their overall success.

Unfortunately, I also hear countless stories of employees who are not valued and who don’t feel supported in their roles and the contribution that they provide.

Everybody wants to be appreciated and respected for the knowledge and skills they bring to an organisation. To be shown in an honest and genuine way that they are not just an employee!

However, employers need to be aware that there is a big shift towards the ‘laptop lifestyle’ and how this could potentially impact their workforce.

From Employee to Entrepreneur

Technology innovation is revolutionising, simplifying and speeding up the process of starting a business. There are an increasing number of opportunities for those who are disillusioned with working for someone else and instead start searching for the freedom that self-employment allows.

This article from Business 2 Community highlights 5 Ways Technology has Increased the Number of Entrepreneurs.

Every day I see more and more social media adverts from self-made internet multi-millionaires offering to give you their success formula for making money online. A ‘Freedom Business’ utilising whatever it is you are passionate about to start a business. From ecommerce and digital marketing/publishing to consultancy, coaching and training, the 21st century has certainly become the age of entrepreneurship.

Setting up a business is no longer something to be feared, it no longer needs a lot of funding and years of investment of time and money to turn a profit! These days, you could easily have your own business set up and running in a matter of a few hours with very little capital outlay. Not to mention that everything is practically automated for you along with the support to help you succeed.

The multitude of digital platform providers selling their quick and simple ‘work for just one hour a day’ technology makes it a very easy transition from employee to business owner in a few clicks of your mouse or keypad.

The Obvious Issues

Our lives are busy, stressful, we’re tired, under pressure, too much to do and no time to do it all! The thought of being able to work from home and only having to input a few hours a day to make a living is very attractive and if that’s for you then go for it.

The problem is that not everyone wants to become an entrepreneur. If you are one of those people who want to follow a particular career path or trade working for a company, the path should be just as attractive right?

The fact is we need employees in the public and private sector to keep the wheels of industry and services turning and our economy growing, but we are entering a period where I predict that within the next 10 years the lines of hierarchy could be severely tested if things don’t change in favour of you – the employee!

I always had a dream to be my own boss, so for me the position I am now in was inevitable, but having been on the other side of that fence and experienced the most amazing culture and leadership as well as the exact opposite, I know first-hand how that makes a difference to an employee’s mindset and to the success of the business.

I know that employing someone to work with me means they need to be positive about their contribution and be motivated to do their very best every day. I also know, that I don’t know everything, so I give them the autonomy to share their ideas and their experience. Making them feel an integral part of the business is crucial to their wellbeing and to helping them develop their reputation and career path.

I have had the honour of working with leaders who are truly inspiring, who take a genuine interest in their teams, who want them to feel a sense of pride in themselves and their work and; who understand that success starts within.

I have also worked with leaders who feel that because they are in the position they are in, they always know best. They don’t inspire greatness in their team – they expect it, but they don’t inspire it and there is a massive difference.

Organisations that need employees to make sales and facilitate their operation to keep their clients happy really need to take understand how technology, with its ease and simplicity, could so easily the fulfil ambitions of their employees. Enticing them into a freedom life, being master of their own destiny and potentially fulfilling a dream they thought they never could!

The countless stories of people leaving jobs because of poor line or senior management; feeling undervalued and overworked; the increase in pressure and stress; the lack of work/life balance and career progression. Versus the headlines of ‘Why work hard and line your boss’ pockets, when you could run your own business and make your own money?’ and workshops promoting ‘Discover the tips that made me into an internet millionaire with no technical experience’ etc.

For someone feeling unappreciated and undervalued in their current roles, that type of headline is a great big flashing lightbulb! The only thing that may stop them – fear of the unknown? Moving away from the comfort zone of a regular salary that allows them to support their family perhaps?

However, there’s only so much you can take as an employee, and spending the majority of your time