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ACQ5 2015 Global Award for UK Financial Marketing Agency of the Year

I am proud to announce that we have been awarded UK Financial Marketing Agency of the Year by ACQ5 2015 (Aquisition Finance Magazine). It's an honour to receive the award in recognition of the work and support we have provided to firms within the industry over the last year.

ACQ5 reports that “As M&A volumes return and promise to exceed pre-crisis level, we are witnessing an unprecedented transformation of the market and those who operate within it. Experts whose intimate knowledge and expertise in the cultural, financial and legal arenas are redefining our industry,” says Jake Robson, Group Editor of The ACQ5. “The 2015 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best of breed in the industry and have earned these honours by standing out in a group of very impressive finalists. We are lucky enough to work with some of the most influential and enterprising private organisations in the world and are proud to share their message with our readers. Relying on reader insight and experience to provide nominations to the panel remains the cornerstone of our program and to identify industry leaders, individuals, teams and organizations that represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the business world.”

The 10th Annual ACQ5 Global Awards honour the leading deal teams, firms and professionals whose activities set the standard for our markets. This year, companies and individuals, representing every major market in the world, became finalists for the awards.

“Operating a legitimately independent nomination process, our award winners are chosen by our readership. Every year, we seek their assistance of our readers, the industry itself, in recognising industry leaders, eminent individuals, exemplary teams and distinguished businesses, which we believe represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in a variety of fields – and every year, we turn to them to help as we strive to recognise an ever-widening spectrum of services, markets, industries and organisations that serve our global market place. We believe that by consulting our readers we can better identify the groups that are confronting the issues which face us at this ongoing complex juncture, and our awards will rise above the status of participation certificate and actually be an endorsement of their work.” Robson continued.

ACQ Global Awards’ Objective as Always: To gather quantitative and qualitative information from and about the sector to be able to give a set of “Best of” awards. We founded the ACQ Global Awards program to empower end users to make smarter, more confident decisions.

The marketplace is changing quickly, with greater external pressure and competition, so ACQ was keen to see if organisations are showing any signs of complacency.

One of the industry's favourite awards events was right to anticipate another record breaking number of votes! The total number of nominations received stood at an amazing 32,966 representing a 27.7% response rate. (Our highest ever)

Our poll was not only designed to reflect actual performance in any particular area of expertise, it was also aim

ed to reflect direct market share based on a number of criteria. Voters were encouraged to base their decisions on addressing professionalism: experience, value for money & responsiveness in order for ACQ to derive a numerical rating from 1 – 5. In that sense, this poll should be considered a reflection of how professionals view any practice, individual or related sector supplier in terms of overall quality of service.

Only nominees receiving an average 4 star rating or above achieved a short-list status.

At DPS we are passionate about the finance industry and our focus on delivering quality, consistent and integrated solutions which allow our clients to manage their marketing successfully.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who nominated DPS for this award and to ACQ5 for their continued and valued support of firms within the industry.

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