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Influencing Your Target Audience

The above Guide to Content Marketing for Financial Services recently published by Raconteur Media discusses how financial services fims need to understand the opportunity cost of content marketing to their target audience who are typically 57% of the way through their purchasing process before they contact suppliers.

It also focuses on understanding how to manage the challenges of working within an ever changing regulatory environment and the need to focus more and ore on improving customer experience.

So how do you get them through the other 43%?

Dealing with someone's savings, income, investments, bank accounts, business, estate etc is a very personal undertaking and like with any service they want to be sure that they are getting advice from someone who knows what they are talking about.

At DPS Financial Marketing, we have always championed the need for educating and informing clients through an ongoing targeted and integrated process. Consumers looking for financial advice will inevitably research online, through events and via their existing contacts before approaching a firm for advice.

With so many channels available for providing knowledge to your target audience, maintaining a consistent and direct approach which allows them to feel informed about the decision they are about to make, is key to turning a prospect into a client. The more information you provide, the more successful you can expect your marketing and sales to be.

Inspiring Content

Regular blogs and updates on your website discussing the latest trends and changes in the industry, guides and brochures covering financial needs and investments, as well as seminars and networking events that showcase your experience and thought leadership will help to inspire and influence your audience to interact with you enough to want to find out more.

Once you have them on board, building and maintaining that relationship with them continues by providing addtional knowledge via newsletters, email and social media updates as well as your regular one-to-one meetings. Clients want to see and feel the tangible aspect of your services to really appreciate the value you provide and how you are and will continue to, help them achieve their goals.

Piecing the Puzzle Together

Putting in place a communication plan in that complements your sales and service proposition will help you deliver regular targeted communications when your audience needs it. Whether you are using blogs, articles, guides, video or event calendars/updates, your website should be the core touch point for interaction. This should then be integrated across other channels such as via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your networking groups to help drive views to your web content.

Deciding when it will be most effective to use print direct mail and print advertising to drive awareness needs careful consideration because these are generally more expensive routes to take. They can however, be more effective than some digital channels.

Download our complimentary guide on the Communication Framework for the Financial Services Pipeline for more information.

Take your content marketing to the next level with the financial services content marketing specialist.

Contact DPS Financial Marketing today for more information.

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