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Online training is a great way for you to improve your knowledge and skills in a cost effective way, at your own pace. All of my courses are under £100 and offer coaching and consultancy based solutions to developing a confident entrepreneurial mindset and an amazing brand.


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Personal Branding / Personal Development Courses


A strong, visible and successful personal brand is key to successfully selling your knowledge, skills and experience as a coach or consultant. It's YOUR USP, it's YOUR reputation and credibility as a leader within your profession or industry, it doesn't belong to anyone else. Enrol on this course today to find out how to build a profile that helps you share your unique story and be confident and authentic to who you are.


As a new entrepreneur, developing your mindset for success is the first step you should take in ensuring that you have the resilience, motivation and determination to be successful in life as well as in business. If you want to overcome your fears and doubts and learn how to have confidence and value in yourself and what you have to offer the world, this is the training that's designed to help you do just that.


Being productive, making plans and consistently taking action is what helps you to improve your performance and ability to progress and succeed at what's important to you. That's why setting goals is so important. If you've tried to set goals in the past and you've struggled to maintain your commitment to seeing them through, then this training will show you how  to be more effective in taking action and achieving your ambitions.

Business Branding / Business Development Courses


There are many misconceptions about what makes a brand, a brand! Its about clarity of purpose, values, reputation, credibility, service, perception and culture. You need to improve your business' visibility, build awareness and loyalty for your services to become a leading force in your industry or profession and this is what you will learn from this course.


The knowledge, skills and experience you have gained throughout your life can provide a valuable service to others, helping them to achieve their personal or business goals. So, how are you going to show them that you're the one they have been waiting for?

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One of the biggest reasons we start a business is to earn an uncapped income and build our wealth. However, one of the main reasons businesses fail, is because they don't learn how to manage their cash-flow and maintain their growth. In this course you will discover tactics for how to ensure your cashflow does just that...flow!

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