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Unlock Your Growth Potential &
Elevate Your Business with DPS Brand Consultancy

Implement our Build & Launch Business Growth System designed to promote and sell your high-ticket coaching or consultancy services and consistently increase your monthly revenue.

The Ultimate Business Growth System


The complete Done-For-You system that rebuilds your online presence, enhances your offer, builds out your lead flow process, plans and manages your launch event and supports you with acquiring appointments and closing new clients for your high-ticket coaching or consultancy programme or service within 12 weeks.

Sometimes, You Just Need to Start Again...

We Focus on Delivering Clients to You, So You Can Focus on Delivering to Your Clients!


  • Your website is okay, but it’s not really set up to drive organic or paid leads to your offer and help you generate a 6-figure revenue.

  • Your offer is good, but for some reason the message isn’t getting across so you have little or no sales.

  • Your programme is great, but sales are slow because you don’t have a proper lead flow process in place to make sales.

The biggest issue most business owners face is trying to manage marketing and sales alongside delivering their coaching or consulting services.

Inevitably, what happens is, you spend way too much time on one or the other and get frustrated because you’re spreading yourself to thin and not doing either of them well.

Every business needs a brand and marketing strategy that supports them with building a trusted reputation to obtain the high-quality leads and sales it needs to survive.

Every business needs a website and lead flow system that effortlessly attracts the paid and organic high-quality leads and sales it needs to survive.

Every business needs an automated and consistent marketing process to create brand loyalty, industry leadership and to manage leads and sales seamlessly so they can grow and thrive.

Your zone of genius isn’t marketing and sales and your business growth is suffering as a result of not being able to implement the best practices to grow your business.

But, you can easily to resolve this by outsourcing your growth model for a new system that builds our your business the way it should have been done in the first place, so you can finally generate consistent 6+ figure revenues.


I appointed Dionne to help 'professionalise' our existing financial practice and to help us to develop a new brand / business venture. Dionne was 'invaluable' to us during the time in which we put all this together. She is approachable, honest, caring and works exceptionally hard on behalf of her clients. Both professional and ethical, Dionne really gets to know you and your business, deeply, and that's what enables her to deliver the quality of work that fits, and in our case, exceeds expectations!

Vikas Sharma, Client Centric Wealth

Are you ready to implement the solution that will finally allow you to have the lifestyle and business you dreamed of?

With the Ultimate Business Growth System we will;

  • Analyse your current brand and develop a robust strategy for targeting your ideal clients and showing them how to overcome their pain points with your coaching or consulting service.

  • Provide you with a business growth manager who will support your progress through the system implementation and launch.

  • Build out a brand-new SEO focused website that is fine-tuned with the best keywords, and implement targeted content strategies to get your business ranked on Google for organic traffic.

  • Support you with improving your coaching or consulting messaging through your programme and offer, matching your ideal clients’ needs and goals, and making it quicker and easier to convert them into a sale.

  • Build out your sales process with the high-converting landing pages, positioning you as a leading expert within your profession, industry or niche.

  • Creating a high-quality lead magnet and email sequences to attract and nurture your prospects to buy into the benefits of your offer and take the next step of booking a discovery or strategy call with you.

  • Implement email marketing, Google, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to widen the reach of your offer, build your email list and promote your launch event.

  • Set-up and manage a high-profile launch event to promote your new offer and enhanced programme.

  • Provide appointment setters and closers to fill your calendar and your programme/service with high-quality leads and clients so you can focus on delivery.

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Looking for Something Else?

I know this can all be a little bit overwhelming if you're not really sure what you need, or maybe you only want some of the services because you've got the others covered? Don't worry, we've got you!

Click the button below to learn more about the services we offer and get a bespoke quote for your business.

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Hi, I'm Dionne Smith, founder of DPS Brand Consultancy and Dionne P Smith Coaching. I'm passionate about creating strong relationships with my clients so that they feel supported and confident working with me, knowing that they're getting true value for the investment of their time and money:


  • As a certified coach and a brand consultant with over 25 years experience, you get the best of both worlds when you work with me.

  • I have an amazing team who support our clients with the utmost professionalism, high quality experience and respect. As your trusted marketing team, we are cheerleading and supporting your success just the same as we would our own.

  • We provide straightforward and simple packages which includes...well everything to support you with strategy, planning, campaigns, graphic design and marketing of your products and services, generating consistent leads and sales so you can achieve your growth and revenue goals. Leaving you to focus on supporting your clients and doing what you do best.

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