Need help with creating attractive content?
We'll help you bring your brand to life with our Social Media & Marketing Template Design Service!

Whether it’s your social media content, flyers, posters, presentations your newsletter or something else…we’ve got you covered!


With a range of beautiful and affordable branded templates to work from, you’ll be able to quickly edit your bespoke designs and bring your brand to life. It takes just 5 easy steps

  1. Choose one of the template design packages below.

  2. We’ll arrange a quick online consultation so we can get to know you and your brand.

  3. You’ll send us your logo, brand colours and fonts (we can find your fonts and colours if you're not sure).

  4. One of our design team will create all the designs for you in Canva Pro (you’ll need to set up an account if you don’t already have one).

  5. Finally, we’ll share the designs with you once you’re account is set up…and that’s it…you’re ready to start creating your marketing content.

Choose Your Design Package

  • Social Media Package

    Great for creating regular and attractive social content
    • Designs for Up to 3 Social Channels
    • 3 Social Post Designs Per Channel
    • 3 Story Designs Per Channel
    • Profile Cover Banners Per Channel
    • 2 x Video Thumbnail Designs
  • Best Value

    Professional Package

    All the basics you need to make your brand look professional
    • Bespoke Social Media Package
    • Basic Brand Guidelines
    • 2 Page A4 (or country relevant) Handout/Guide/Report x 2
    • A4 & A5 Flyers x 2 Designs
    • Poster x 2 Designs
    • Infographic x 2 Designs
  • Premium Package

    Ideal if you regularly create lots of different content
    • All of Business Professional Package (Full Brand Guidelines)
    • Email & Blog Banner x 2 Designs
    • Presentation Template
    • Case Study Template – 2 Designs (1 page and 2 page)
    • 4 Page A4 (or country relevant size) Brochure or Newsletter
  • Free Membership

    Access All the Free Content
    Free Plan
    • Free Workshops
    • Free Workbooks, Guides & Checklists
    • Free Online Training
  • Professional

    Every month
    Great for small businesses who need extra support
    • 10% off Personal Brand Coaching
    • 10% off Business Brand Consultancy
    • FREE Worksheets, Guides and Workbooks
    • FREE Access to Workshops & Masterclasses
  • Business Growth

    Every month
    Ideal for SME businesses who are looking to grow and scale
    • All of Professional Plan
    • 25% Discount on Personal Brand Coaching
    • 25% Discount on Business Brand Consulting

Creating a successful brand is all about building familiarity and trust with your audience.

If you have little or no design experience; the design of your marketing content isn’t properly branded or doesn’t look consistent or; you need branded communications, but can’t afford to outsource…this is the ideal service for you.

We’ll make it easy for you to promote your products and services with a range of branded social media and marketing communication templates in a range of formats, designed specifically for your business.

If you’re a small business and you can’t afford to outsource your design or hire a graphic designer, this is a great way to ensure you create a consistent and trusted brand identity that looks amazing both online and in print!

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