"Support Your Employees to Be Their Best, So Your Business Can Be It's Best.  

Create an Employee Engagement Programme."

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Improve turnover, performance, loyalty and advocacy for your brand, with a customised employee engagement programme to support your staff with their personal development, personal goals and professional success.

  • Enhance your brand culture by engaging your employees in successfully delivering your mission, vision and values.

  • Coaching support to improve performance and attainment of their personal and professional goals.

  • Personal brand training and development to increase their confidence, credibility and reputation.

  • LinkedIn workshops for development of a successful online personal brand profile.

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4 Steps to Your Customised Employee

Engagement Programme









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"Having been an employee myself, I have experienced the positive effects of working in a business that fosters a supportive and engaging internal brand culture and the negative effects of one that doesn't. The most successful businesses are the ones that put their employees at the heart of delivering a strong level of continuity and high-quality service to their customers, by helping them learn how to deliver the core values and mission of the business, as well as helping them to progress and succeed both personally and professionally. The result? Reduced staff turnover, increased loyalty and improved performance."

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This programme is for your business if you need...

  • TO DECREASE EMPLOYEE TURNOVER - This programme will support you to understand why you have a high turnover and implement strategies to mitigate (where possible) the challenges that are within your control.

  • TO IMPROVE PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESSION - We can help you maximising opportunities for development of personal goals and professional skills and experiences through group workshops and training on; personal brand/social profile development; brand values and online advocacy; career coaching; career progression; re-skilling and up-skilling. 

  • TO IMPROVE WELLBEING & WORK/LIFE BALANCE - In todays world, particularly after a global pandemic, the benefits of flexible working has been brought well into the spotlight. Supporting employees with 121 coaching and therapy to thrive and strive both in and out of work creates a happier, balanced workforce, resolving issues such as poor performance; workplace stress and recurring illness.

  • TO IMPROVE INTERNAL COMMUNICATION & ENGAGEMENT - A strong culture is crucial to your ongoing success. We'll help you to cultivate and grow a pro-active and engaging internal communication and support network to keep your employees motivated and loyal to delivering a high quality service and external perception of your business as a great place to work.

The results you can expect...

  • CONFIDENT & ENGAGED EMPLOYEES - Your employees will have an improved sense of understanding and belonging to your organisation and feel happier, clearer and confident in how they are representing themselves and your business brand both online and in person.

  • IMPROVED EMPLOYEE RETENTION - Your employees will feel supported in both their personal and professional progression, goals and dreams, resulting in their ongoing loyalty and a clearer understanding of their personal value and why they are a key asset in the success of the business.

  • A SUCCESSFUL BRAND CULTURE - Maintaining a culture of inclusivity, diversity, appreciation and respect is how you take your business from good to great. When your employees work in this type of environment, it will impact positively on their performance, the customer experience and inevitably, your bottom line too.

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MSC & DPS Employee Advocacy White Paper.

This white paper will help you to recognise how important your employees are to the success of your business and how, when given the right training and guidance they can become major influencers for the progression of your business.

It not only benefits your bottom line, it will also impact positively on productivity, communication and your internal brand culture.

In this short guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from the overall benefits, to why we think employee advocacy is an essential tool for every business.

Download the Employee Brand Advocacy and Engagement on LinkedIn White Paper to learn more about the benefits of supporting your employees to become your brand advocates on LinkedIn.

Check out the live session hosted with Jennifer Corcoran, where we discuss how important it is to get your employees to engage and advocate for your brand on LinkedIn. We've also highlighted some amazing stats that will support why this is essential for loyalty, sales, marketing, communication and HR.


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