Starting out on your entrepreneurial journey is exciting...and a little bit scary. So, when you have someone on your side supporting you to succeed, it makes all the difference.


The Business Start-Up Success programme is up to 6 months of coaching and consultancy support to help you kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.

You'll have all the tools you need to promote your brand, attract your ideal clients and start generating those essential leads and sales.


Having someone on hand to guide you through the development of your business is so essential in those early stages of becoming an entrepreneur and more importantly, will save you a huge amount of time than if you try to do it all yourself (especially if you have no prior business experience). You can't afford for it not to work out.


I work with a team of professionals who have a wide range of expertise in various areas of business development, including marketing, sales, website and graphic design. When you join this programme, we become your team and give you all the essential support and encouragement you need at the start of your journey so you feel confident and motivated to get started.


The great thing about this programme is that you are investing in a fully functioning business that has all the foundation elements you need to; get your business off the ground; deliver your services to your ideal clients and; start generating an income from your expertise.

I appointed Dionne to help 'professionalise' our existing financial practice and to help us to develop a new brand / business venture. Dionne was 'invaluable' to us during the several months in which we put all this together. She created 2 'fantastic' web sites, a comprehensive marketing plan, branding guidelines, stationary and logos, all of excellent quality. All this aside, I feel I have to say something about Dionne. She is approachable, honest, caring and works exceptionally hard on behalf of her clients. Both professional and ethical, Dionne really gets to know you and your business, deeply, and that's what enables her to deliver the quality of work that fits, and in our case, exceeds expectations! I would be delighted to, and already have, recommended Dionne and DPS to anybody that wants to 'professionalise' their business and work closely with a genuine talented and experienced brand and marketing professional. 

Vik Sharma - Director, Client Centric Wealth

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You are your best asset! But if you don’t have a UNIQUE MESSAGE that sets you apart from your competitors and that will allow you to attract your target clients, you’ll struggle to use ANY programme to achieve your goals.


  • The FIRST thing you need to do is develop yourself to BECOME a successful entrepreneur. Your mindset can be your best friend or your worst enemy – learn how to step into your success and own it!


  • The next step is to develop your personal and professional story into a message that is UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC to you and your business and show your clients why you are the best fit for them.


  • Lastly, learning how to develop strategies that fit with your values and that will help you increase awareness, visibility, authority and leadership is what will then take you to your ultimate goal.  YOUR SUCCESS!


In the Becoming Your Best Asset presentation that are about to access, I will share with you these exact three stages that I work on with my clients to help them learn how to develop a successful personal, professional and business brand.

At the end, you’ll be invited to a FREE 90-minute brand discovery coaching session with me to discuss your goals and ambitions for your business and walk away feeling empowered to move forward.


If you’re ready to get started on your entrepreneurial journey, the only thing you need to do now is click the image and watch the presentation.

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Business Start-Up Programme Overview - £5,000 or 3 instalments of £2,000 (total £6,000):

  • 3 Months Business Development Support, including:

    • Personal Brand Coaching & Business Brand Consultancy Video Sessions

    • Development of Your Brand & Marketing Strategy

    • Development of Your Brand Identity Guidelines

    • Graphic Design of Logo, Letterhead, Business Card & PDF Services Brochure

    • Bespoke Website up to 10 Pages*

  • 3 Month Marketing & Lead Generation Campaign Support** 


*Excluding E-Commerce Sites (please ask for a quote)​

**Please note, this is optional extra not included in the price listed above for this programme (please ask for a quote)

This programme is for you if...

  • You're a new entrepreneur just starting out on your business journey as a coach or consultant.

  • You're looking for professional 121 support to help you get your business and brand established.

  • You're 100% committed and ready to invest the time and money to bring your dream to life.

I will support you with...

  • Coaching on how to develop a confident and attractive personal brand profile and shaping your story into your unique business proposition.

  • Full business development consultancy support to define your ideal target audience and creating an actionable strategy for your marketing, messaging, content and social media to increase awareness and visibility of your brand and generate leads and sales.

  • Developing your brand identity guidelines to maintain a consistent look and feel for all of your communications supporting your goal to build a trusted and recognisable proposition.

  • Design and development of branded communications including your logo, letterhead, business card, brochure and website with full intellectual property rights.

  • Optional implementation of a 3 month marketing and lead generation programme to help you build your email list, sell your products and services and generate revenue for your business.

  • Ongoing email support throughout the programme to help you maintain your focus and accountability to achieve your brand development goals.

  • Detailed session overviews to help you stay on track and see your progression throughout the programme.

The results you can expect...

  • A fully operational business which you can start promoting and marketing at the end of the programme.

  • The ability to run campaigns that support your goals for building awareness of you, your business and your services.

  • Saleable programmes and services that will help you to reach your income goals.

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