If you're feeling a bit stuck with your business, and need advice on rebranding, repositioning or rethinking things, I'll help you gain the clarity you need!

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All business owners get a bit stuck sometimes. Maybe you've the lost focus, motivation and the momentum to keep trying different tactics that just aren't working or suited to how you want to run your business. Maybe things have changed and you need to adapt so you can build and grow your brand.


  • Designed specifically to help you deal with the challenges that we face as business owners.

  • Help to get back on track and feel good about business again.

  • Personal brand coaching and business brand consultancy to help you plan for success.

  • Full brand, marketing and content strategy document to help you implement and achieve your goals.

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Dionne is AMAZING! I started coaching with her during lockdown and she has literally turned my business around and made me fall in love with it all over again.  I was feeling a bit blocked and Dionne was the perfect coach to help me. Over the course of 6 intensive 121 sessions she has helped me to work through all my mindset blocks and has given me the confidence and tools to move my business forward to the next level.  I’ve overhauled my business model so that it’s more customer focused and in alignment with my values.  The icing on the cake has been that Dionne has provided me with a fantastic brand / marketing audit report which will help to keep me accountable and on track.  This document was compiled based on our 121 sessions so feels achievable and authentic.  So many coaches adopt a one-size fits all approach and there is no accountability or follow-up.  Dionne goes above and beyond.  Not only is she a truly empathetic and caring coach, she also has a successful business and can provide concrete business advice for any model type incorporating her personal branding expertise.  I can 100% recommend Dionne – you will be in very safe hands and will leave the sessions feeling reinvigorated and raring to go and can achieve tangible results and ROI.  Priceless!

Jennifer Corcoran,

LinkedIn Consultant and Trainer

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Find out more about the programme...

This Programme is for you if...

  • YOU ARE A SERVICE BASED ENTREPRENEUR - If you've had your business for 2 or more than years and you feel a bit stuck with how to increase your clients and income...

  • YOU ARE READY TO INVEST IN YOUR SUCCESS - You understand the importance of investing in yourself and your business to achieve your goals...

  • YOU ARE AMBITIOUS AND COMMITED - You want to make the changes you need to make to your business so you can finally get tangible results...

I will support you with...

  • DEVELOPING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND - We'll focus on your personal and business goals, so you feel supported in creating a brand that authentically represents who you are, your knowledge, skills and experience.

  • DEVELOPING A STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN - We will work on repositioning your business brand identity; clarifying your message and content and how to attract your ideal clients with programmes and services that sell.

  • INCREASING YOUR VISIBILITY - Using tactical solutions that will help you raise your profile and build your leadership and authority.

The results you can expect...

  • CLEAR GOALS & ACTIONS - You will have a much better understanding how to achieve your goals and a consistent action plan to improve your focus and success as an entrepreneur.

  • A CLEAR AND CONSISTENT BRAND MESSAGE - You will effortlessly attract ideal clients who will understand exactly how you can support them with your products and services.

  • TOTAL CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF & YOUR BUSINESS - You will continue to improve your skills as a business owner and feel confident connecting with your ideal clients; pricing and selling your services and; achieving ongoing business growth.


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