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Quick question...What does having a 'Breakthrough' in business mean to you?


Having the confidence to share and sell your expertise? Developing a successful and influential personal brand? Gaining clarity and fulfillment in your business? Working with amazing clients who love you and your brand? Delivering services that you feel good about? Finally earning a consistent and growing income? 

All of these things and more are definitely BIG BREAKTHROUGHS that you should be experiencing and this is why I created this membership. You're not alone in experiencing challenges in your coaching or consulting business. I have been through all of these and more and that's why it's so important to share what I have learned, how I got through it and bring you into an environment where everyone is understanding, non-judgmental and on the same page as you.


It takes time to find the right formula for running your business that you FEEL good about.

But you WILL find it and the Business Breakthrough Academy is here to help you.


We'll be working on...









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"Being cautious and maybe somewhat resistant to some coaching styles, in particular the direct ones, I was delighted to meet Dionne, she is so present in your world and picks up on those subtle words that you don’t even notice you’ve said, that gently unlocks those light bulbs moments.  For me it was understanding that to have courage in my business was to show vulnerability, yes an uncomfortable thing to do but also necessary for me to move forward and grow as a person."

Debbie Summerell

Executive & Personal Development Coach and Mentor


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This membership is ideal for you if...

  • You're an established SME coach or consultant looking for clarity and fulfilment in their business; to connect with their ideal target audience and to feel confident enough to step into their success and grow their business and income.

  • You're looking for a combination of personal brand coaching as well as business brand development solutions to help you focus on yourself as an entrepreneur and to love being in business, supporting your clients with irresistible services.

If you're experiencing any of these challenges this is how The Business Breakthrough Academy will support you?

  • Gaining clarity and confidence in your service, message and content

  • Understanding who your target audience are and how to attract your ideal clients

  • Learning how to create services that sell

  • Increasing your income / cashflow

  • Understanding how to plan your campaigns and implement effective marketing tactics

  • Overcome the challenges with being a solopreneur / small business

  • Building confidence in yourself and how to deal imposter syndrome

  • Be confident selling your services and asking for what you're worth

  • Understand what you're tolerating and learning to let go of things that do not serve you

  • Dealing with rejection and learning how to build your leadership influence and persuasion skills

  • Being more effective both personally and professionally to improve your work/life balance

Why should you join?

  • You want to create clarity and improve your confidence as a business owner.

  • You want to get advice on how to develop your personal and business brand.

  • You need ongoing accountability to achieve your goals.

  • You want to join a like-minded community of other coaches and consultants.

  • You want to share their ideas and challenges and get advice.

  • You'd love the opportunity to feature in the member newsletter and spotlight your business in the group.

  • You want to get exclusive access to content and training.

  • You need a cost-effective solution to get the ongoing professional advice and support you need.

  • To access bonus goodies and competitions.

4 Steps to the Results You Can Expect

  1. A Confident & Authentic Personal Brand Profile: We'll cover positive mindset strategies, focus on building the resilience you need as an entrepreneur and provide practical advice and training developing yourself as a thought leader and influencer.

  2. Clarity Around Your Message & Content: We'll work on defining who your ideal clients are, the challenges they are facing and how your services can support them, by creating 'emotional' cues in your messaging that will attract them to your brand

  3. A Successful Coaching or Consulting Business: Being an entrepreneur can be tough and we all get stuck sometimes. So, we'll be working how to create attractive programmes and packages that are unique to you and that you feel confident selling.

  4. Growing Your Business & Income: From sales strategies such as value ladders and campaigns, to improving your mindset and confidence around selling, we'll look at how you'll work as your business grows to maintain your ideal income and lifestyle.

Jennifer Corcoran.jpg

"Dionne is AMAZING! I started coaching with her during lockdown and she has literally turned my business around and made me fall in love with it all over again.  I was feeling a bit blocked and Dionne was the perfect coach to help me. Over the course of 6 intensive 121 sessions she has helped me to work through all my mindset blocks and has given me the confidence and tools to move my business forward to the next level.  I’ve overhauled my business model so that it’s more customer focused and in alignment with my values. "

Jennifer Corcoran

My Super Connector - LinkedIn Consultant and Trainer

Accessing the Membership Content

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  • You'll access to the private LinkedIn group for daily updates and content.

  • You'll receive a monthly email newsletter, including exclusive articles, videos and worksheets.

  • I'll be running monthly lunch and learn webinars via Zoom to help you upskill your personal and business development knowledge.

  • You'll get weekly motivational goal setting and accountability to keep you on track.

  • Access to online masterclasses and group coaching.

  • Guest speaker access to successful professionals within my network.

  • Member Spotlight - feature in the weekly newsletter, on the member site and collaborate with me on virtual calls.


"I initially started working with Dionne to help me create the content for the website of my new business, Big Little Fun. As a very creative and intuitive thinker, she 's naturally able to come up with fantastic ideas that have made us much more innovative and enabled us to see how to structure and manage the business more efficiently, professionally and with a clearer focus on not only where we need to be in the future, but how she can help us get there. "

Wayne Douglas

Managing Director - Bubble & Bounce and Big Little Fun

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About Me...

As a brand, life, success and CBT coach and consultant, I've supported a range of clients over the last 6 years to achieve clarity and confidence in their personal and business brand.

With me you get the best of both worlds. Coaching support for your mindset and goals and consultancy for strategy, planning and tactical advice. So, whether it's online training, 121 programmes, or events, my goal is to offer solutions that help you to get the advice and support you need to develop and grow a confident and successful business.

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The Business Breakthrough Academy is the next step in the evolution of my business where I intend to be just as effective in helping you achieve your business breakthroughs!